Welcome to WeikelDesigns

WeikelDesigns is a blog on all things relevant to my life, from playing music to random rambling to promoting good usability through efficient and responsive design. You can also find helpful tips and blog posts web design and usability such a lists of helpful books and sites, dos and don’ts, and case studies.

About Me

From the northwest side of Houston, I was born and raised; now I live in Chicago where I’m spending my days. I’m a former Eagle Scout, graduate from the Art Institute of Houston, and I play bass in a hard rock band, Loose Lips. I’m also a tech and movie junkie, avid Transformers fan, usability enthusiast, and a mild gamer.

Usability has become my passion since graduating from the Art Institute of Houston with a BFA in Interactive Media and Web Design. My philosophy is “the core of great web design is usability”.


I can fortunately say that I’m happily employed full-time. As such, I am not currently looking for full-time, part-time, or contract work. My band, Loose Lips, is definitely for hire though. However, I will freely give my advice on questions you may have about design, usability, job hunting, etc. While qualified, I am unfortunately unable to answer SEO related questions.